And he touched me, and I let him love me

So let that be my story.

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Bass/Connor - Deleted scene from 2x16

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I don’t get it. You have everything: Education, money, opportunity. Why the hell would you want to be a drug dealer?

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I wonder how do you know all the theatre works Mat Vairo has done? I looked him up on imdb, but there's nothing about his theatre works, just a few tv series.

You couldn’t find this kind of stuff on IMDb, that’s a film/TV database, it doesn’t cover the theatre productions. I found the information on Mat’s page on, which is a little more professional than IMDb. It’s like a resume and listed most theatre productions Mat’s done before Spring Awakening LA. It’s very easy to find SA LA info since it’s probably his most important work before he’s turned to TV shows so… That’s how.

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